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CLAA Officers

Carl Rickmeier

Tom Quasius
Vice President

Tom Dinolfo

Sherry Payne

CLAA Board

Art Diedrich
Dr. Jeff Hansmann
Aron Jarr
Sharon Kudirko
Patrick Noonan
Kim Saeger
Tim Schweitzer
Carrie Sommersberger

Crystal Lake Advancement Association

The CLAA's Mission is to promote and facilitate the development of Wisconsin's Crystal Lake and the Crystal Lake surrounding areas. It's mission is to conserve and perpetuate the wildlife and natural beauty of said area and to cultivate, create, establish and promote good fellowship between its members.

Weed Treatment - May 24, 2016

Crystal Lake will be treated for Eurasian Milfoil on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Rain date is scheduled for May 25. It usually takes two weeks minimum to see results of this application. This treatment will attack specific spots where the plant has returned and will not be an entire lake application. Learn more.

Yard Waste Reminder

Please don't dispose of your yard waste onto property not belonging to you. The Town of Rhine waste collection site is at W6426 CTH EH just west of Highway 67, north of Elkhart Lake and will take just about everything.

Venetian Boat Show 2015

"Door" Water Skiing - Crystal Lake in 1930

Crystal Lake Flag

Own a beautiful Crystal Lake flag to fly at your cottage, home, boat, pier, lawn, etc. The polynex flags measure 2'x3' and cost $40. Email Carl Rickmeier to order. Limited quantities.

Crystal Lake Decal/Bumper Sticker

If you are interested in purchasing the Crystal Lake Decal/ Bumper Sticker shown on the right, please contact Carl Rickmeier at (920) 207-9999. The cost is $5.00 per sticker.