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CLAA Officers

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M. Scott Niederjohn

Sherry Payne

CLAA Board

Art Diedrich
Tom Dinolfo
Dr. Jeff Hansmann
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2017 Crystal Challenge

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to log your miles as you walk around the lake from Memorial Day (starting May 29) to Labor Day (end of Day September 4). You can accept the challenge as either a walker, runner, full time resident or weekender.

2016 Winner

Congratulations are extended to Jon Rost, our 2016 Crystal Challenge winner!

Track Your Miles

Keep track of your miles and submit your total miles by midnight September 4, to Sherry Payne and get ready to bask in the glory when you receive your recognition at the CLAA Bust Up gathering in fall.

Progress Reports

If you'd like to motivate others, update your progress with an email to Sherry Payne and your efforts will be posted online!