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CLAA Officers

Carl Rickmeier

Tom Quasius
Vice President

M. Scott Niederjohn

Sherry Payne

CLAA Board

Art Diedrich
Tom Dinolfo
Dr. Jeff Hansmann
Jennifer Hansmann
Joe Jankowski
Aron Jarr
Sharon Kudirko
Bert Sartori
Tim Schweitzer
Carrie Sommersberger

2017 President's Message

Dear Crystal Lake Enthusiast,

Carl RickmeierI hope this finds you in great health and great spirits.
As I write this annual “state of the lake” letter, I think about all of the accomplishments that we have made as an organization over the last few years.

Now that you have that warm and fuzzy feeling, I ask you to promptly renew your CLAA Membership or become a new CLAA member.

Did you know that only 52% of Crystal Lake property owners are members of CLAA?  With all of the above listed accomplishments, how can one justify not becoming a member?  (To those who still don’t join, please look away from this year’s fireworks show).

Please encourage neighbors to join the association.  The membership form is easily printed from the website.

Lastly, we are looking for a couple people to step up to fill vacancies on the CLAA Board. Email me at to learn more if interested.

This year’s Memorial Day meeting/party will again be at Siebken’s Saloon at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 28th. Appetizers will be served at 7:15 p.m., so please arrive early.

All my best and see you around the lake,

Carl Rickmeier, CLAA President