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Crystal Lake Advancement Association — Celebrating our 75th year!

Established in 1944, CLAA's Mission is to promote and facilitate the development of Crystal Lake (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin) and its surrounding areas. That mission includes the conservation of wildlife and natural beauty of the area & to cultivate, create, establish and promote good fellowship between its members.

caution - high water

Boathouse a Disappearing Fixture

Charles Broughton's Boathouse on Crystal Lake, 1927.Read the article Boathouse A Disappearing Fixture For Americans written by Beth Dippel, Executive Director of the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center. The article appeared on page 5A, in the July 10, 2016 edition of The Sheboygan Press.

"Door" Water Skiing - Crystal Lake in 1930

Crystal Lake Flag

Own a beautiful Crystal Lake flag to fly at your cottage, home, boat, pier, lawn, etc. The polynex flags measure 2'x3' and cost $40. Email Carl Rickmeier to order. Limited quantities.

Crystal Lake Decal/Bumper Sticker

If you are interested in purchasing the Crystal Lake Decal/ Bumper Sticker shown on the right, please contact Carl Rickmeier at (920) 207-9999. The cost is $5.00 per sticker.