Carl Rickmeier

Tom Quasius
Vice President

M. Scott Niederjohn

Brian Voight

CLAA Board

Kathy Blanke
Peter Dietz
Tom Dinolfo
Jennifer Hansmann
Joe Jankowski
Aron Jarr
Sharon Kudirko
Bert Sartori
Adam Schroeder
Carrie Sommersberger


Crystal Lake Advancement Association membership dues help fund projects such as our Lake Aquatic Management Plan (studying lake level impacts, water clarity and vegetation in our lake), and upkeep of Crystal Lake signage. The money collected also supports our three social gatherings.

Become a Member

Click here for the CLAA Membership Form. There are four types of memberships including 1) Single, 2) Family, 3) Crystal Club and 4) Corporate. Crystal Club and Corporation memberships are outlined below.

Crystal Club Membership

Please consider becoming a Crystal Club member at $100 per year which includes a $70 contribution to the CLAA. This money will go a long way to continue our water surveys-treatments, while remaining within our budget.

Corporate Membership

We now offer Corporate Memberships to business owners who are interested in supporting our efforts. Annual Corporate Membership is $250.

Why Join?

Even though CLAA is a social organization, we have increased our efforts to protect lake water quality and the natural beauty of Crystal Lake for generations. These efforts are also linked to increased property values and a more desired location!

Beautify Our Community
Lake beautification efforts include: new signage and landscaping efforts around the lake and roads; plus an annual comprehensive lake study, evaluation and treatment of Eurasian Milfoil.

Increase Safety
A speed limit change from 35 to 25 on County C was enacted to help with safety for our walkers, bikers and runners.

Have Fun
CLAA organizes three social events per year in efforts to establish camaraderie amongst neighbors.

Leadership Opportunities
We are looking for a couple people to step up to fill vacancies on the CLAA Board. Board members take an active role in the Aquatic Invasive Species action plan for Sheboygan County. This effort includes education, prevention and monitoring of our lakes invasive species such as Eurasian Milfoil weeds and Zebra Mussels to name a few. With Board approval and member consent, we helped co-fund the spraying of weeds with our local sanitary district. If you want to get involved - a little or a lot - become a CLAA Board Member. For more info, contact our CLAA President Carl Rickmeier or any board member.

Communication Link

The CLAA also provides a valuable conduit to both the Sanitary District #1 for the Towns of Rhine and Plymouth, and boards that govern them. Feel free to email us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.